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About Us

CAO (Ceomania Alaso-Oke) is a traditional attire firm which since her inception in 2013, has been in the business of creating extraordinary looks for event groove(r)s. We specialise in everything made from ASO-OKE as well as add colour to smiles through our well decorated and designed ASO-OKE.

Known by many as the style partner of event groove(r)s. CAO is committed to creating unequalled designs for the discerning as she offers COLOUR CONSULT, WEAVING & DESIGNING, SEWING and HOME DELIVERY.

At CAO we give special attention to our easy to tie gele(s) while creating designs & embellishments that match up with the best sartorial standards around the society.

In a bid to ensure continual customer satisfaction, we have specialized quality control (QC) in place in every department and our guarantee is nothing but top notch quality, as we give detailed attention in all aspects of our operations as well as partner with the best brands locally and internationally in our bid to giving you comfort at its best.

This dynamic team led by the director of operations, Oluwatobi Ceomania have over the year(s) catered for events groove(r)s and people of style and have continued to do so with a growing clientele to show for it.

At CAO, creativity has no limits and our ASO-OKEs are perfectly weaved and tailored for Engagement Attires, Group Outfits (Aso-Ebi) and Random Aso-Oke Fashion Demandsto appeal to the society who seeks a cut above the rest and desires to carve a niche for herself.

We welcome the opportunity to be at your service as we add colour to your smiles.